Welcome to Robert Leggat’s Website

Robert Leggat’s attention to detail is exceptional and the ability to capture the essence of his subject involves long hours observing, drawing and sketching from life plus the use of taxidermic examples borrowed from collections and museums. This enables him to produce anatomically correct pieces of great sensitivity with realistic depiction of textures and natural forms. His enquiring mind coupled with a natural inquisitiveness, inventiveness and a sense of fun gives his work an uniqueness not often found in the bronze medium.

In 2006 Robert started his own foundry “Bronze Fields Foundry” on a smallholding on the outskirts of Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape. It must be emphasised that he does not delegate any of the complicated processes involved in creating a bronze and is personally involved from the start to the finish – the drawing; creating a maquette; building an armature which is the internal framework to support the sculpture; casting the sculpture using the lost wax method (cire perdu) and finally, the patination. Robert works in various mediums, combining bronze, silver and stainless steel with great skill. He often incorporates semi-precious stones and uses diverse mediums for the base of his sculptures.

Robert is passionate about the environment and feels a growing revulsion at the rampant despoliation and destruction of natural habitats and the inevitable irreparable damage to the ecological integrity of places he treasures, from which he draws his creative inspiration.

Robert, together with several of his clients, donated a life-size bronze sculpture of a Dolphin and Calf to the town of Plettenberg Bay. This iconic sculpture which encapsulates the beauty of these wonderful creatures is positioned in the hub of the town fondly known as the dolphin circle and driving past it, down the hill, looking out to sea, one might be fortunate enough to spy its live counterparts frolicking in the waves.


Many of Robert’s  sculptures are  from new commissions as a result of clients being exposed to his work. Nothing gives him more pleasure than working closely with his clients and being a tool in their hands. He achieves great fulfilment interpreting their thoughts and transforming their ideas into a sculpture.