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Leopard (Panthera pardus) Fashioned from spent cartridge cases and bullet and cannon shells

I was commissioned to produce a life-size leopard out of spent cartridge cases, an extremely exciting and novel project. I initially collected the cartridge cases from a shooting range in Knysna owned by a friend who was very helpful in providing advice whether the firing pins had been triggered. I managed to obtain cartridge cases from both World Wars as well as the Anglo Boer War and with great excitement found a single shell at an old battle site in the Mount Camdeboo Private Nature Reserve. (September 2011 marked the 110th Anniversary of the Battle of Paardefontein which took place in the hills of Mount Camdeboo.)

One of my clients was a hunter. He gave me some large nitro shells used to hunt elephant and leopard. I find it heart breaking to witness the decline of our big cats and the threat posed to their natural environment which is relentlessly being despoiled. They play such a vital part in our sensitive ecosystem.

Creating this leopard was a time -consuming process as all the different sections had to be welded together. You can view this process on the video I have produced.

Medium:  spent cartridge cases, bullet and cannon shells
Size: Life size