Sculptures :: Birds :: Medium Birds :: Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus caeruleus)

For quite some time I have thought about casting this piece in silver as it lends itself beautifully to this medium, with a touch of black patination on the wings. A client then commissioned a kite exactly as I had visualised.
Garnets have been set into the eye sockets, cut specifically to allow the light to penetrate the stone in such a way that the dark centre represents the pupil.

An amazing experience in the bush was been able to watch, at close proximity, a black-shouldered kite hunt, catch and devour his prey, observing how he pulled all the hair out of the rodent before proceeding to eat his meal.

Medium: Silver, garnets
Edition: Edition of 10 plus an artist proof (A/P)
Size: 52cm High x 26cm Diameter