Sculptures :: Birds :: Medium Birds :: Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

The peregrine falcon was the first bronze I sculpted and awakened both my love for birds and working in bronze.

I worked very closely with a falconer, studying his peregrine falcon which are known as the fastest birds in flight and are phenomenal to observe. I made a wooded perch similar to those used by falconers and my wife Heidi skilfully made the leather hood and jesses. The falconer made the bells which each have a different sound, thus enabling the falconer to identify his bird in the field.

Having completed the sculpture I had to decide on the patination and I chose a difficult multi patination which was really quite bold at this early stage of my career.

Medium: Bronze, wood, leather, feathers and small bells
Edition: Edition of 10 plus a Master copy Sold Out
Size: H 64cm x L 25cm x W 25cm