Sculptures :: Birds :: Small Birds :: House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)

This unique sculpture has captured the hearts of many. The purpose of this piece is to embrace the powerful verse from The Scriptures in Matthew 10:29 “ God knows every sparrow that falls to the ground and knows every hair on our heads”.

Whilst driving through the Karoo a flock of sparrows flew across the road in front of our car and most unfortunately one did not survive. We stopped and picked it up and it became my reference. If you open up the wing you will see the heart and the lungs with their specialised air sacs. I am greatly upset by the carnage of fauna on our roads.

“We brought your bronze sparrow with us and have shown it to recovering drug addicts in Hong Kong, death row prisoners in Bali, crew members on the ship, friends and new acquaintances in every place we have visited and it has been such a powerful visual aid to us and to others of the Father’s love for us… bless you a million for sculpturing this piece, your story and for giving it to us. We are so grateful…never has a work of yours travelled so far or been seen and handled by so many!”

Medium: Bronze, onyx stone
Edition: Edition of 10 plus artist proof (A/P)
Size: H 2cm x L 13cm x W 8.5cm