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Hippopotamus Head, Water Feature (Hippopotamus amphibius)

This was a commission and it was decided to sculpt it as a water feature. The hippopotamus is displaying his massive head in a territorial position and I have designed the sculpture as if he has just raised his head out of the water with the water gushing out of his mouth. The more I studied this extraordinary creature the more fascinated I became. The ears, nostril and relatively small ears are raised above the body allowing the hippo to lie in the water with just his head showing but retaining his sense of smell, sight and hearing. The teeth I found fascinating. The huge permanent incisors are round with blunt rounded tips and the canines are triangular with very sharp ends which are kept hone by abrasion against the corresponding canine on the other jaw.

In 1998, one of the editions was included in a Christie’s Wildlife Auction at the South Kensington saleroom in London. It sold for 24 ,000 pounds (without buyer’s premium) which was a record price for a contemporary wildlife artist. The under bidder thought that his bid was successful so a second head was sold by private treaty to him, for the same price.

Medium: Bronze
Edition: Edition of 3 plus an artist proof A/P SOLD OUT