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Meerkats (Suricata suricatta)

Meerkats or Suricates as they are also known are possibly amongst some of the most loved little creatures. We came across one that had been run over on a trip to Somerset East. He had a large thorn embedded in his foot which had obviously affected his mobility. He was my reference for the male sentinel on top of the anthill. You will note that each little animal has its own attitude and expression. They are highly social and live in family groups and communicate through a musical tune.

This was an extremely complicated composition with negative spaces playing an important part. Deep undercuts made the mould and casting, difficult. This is a relatively large bronze with a narrow base which makes it easy to place in a home

Medium: Bronze
Edition: Edition of 10 plus an artist proof (A/P) Sold Out
Size: Size: H 60cm x L 105cm x W 20cm