Sculptures :: Birds :: Large Birds :: African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer)

This sculpture was another commission and I was lucky enough to be lent a specimen to study  by the Bird Rehabilitation Centre at Spier, Stellenbosch.  The eagle had been shot in the wing and had to be put down; it was a wonderful opportunity to really examine this incredible bird.    This is a multi- patinated bronze showing to good effect the chestnut belly and forewings, the black under wing coverts, the white head and breast and white tail.  The base consists of 22 litres of polyurethane and I found it exceptionally stressful suspending the eagle and fish and waiting for the setting of the polyurethane.

Their characteristic haunting cry, often in duet is so symbolic of Africa.   We are very fortunate to have a pair living in our area and I always stop what I am doing and go outside to listen to their duet.

Medium: Bronze, polyurethane/ liquid glass
Edition: 10 plus and artist proof (A/P). Sold out
Size: Height 96cm x Length 100cm x Width 45cm